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K-350 Improvements.

The Spicer� brand has been known to be the industry leader in high-quality driveshafts and components since 1904.  With that leadership position come the expectations of accurate and complete up-to-date product, application, and service information. 

The K-350 catalog is no exception.  Please note that our information in the EXPERT pertaining to the applications typically found in the K-350 has been updated.  While the updates to this information are not all encompassing of every application in the market today, we feel it is marked improvement and will be of value for our customers.  We are dedicated to continuing the improvement of this application information, so please check back for additional updates in the future.

The new EXPERT K-350:

*Is web based.

*Contains the option to view a dimensional diagram of the u-joint selected and search on dimensional information.

*Has the applicable driveshaft line art with u-joint location info at the bottom of each page

*Is easy to navigate with no/ minimal training.

We thank you for your business and continued support of Spicer Drivetrain Components and appreciate your patience as we continue working to bring you the most accurate and complete application information possible.

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